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Customer Services

HALOS has the suitable know how, infrastructure and willing only for one purpose:
For that HALOS:
  • Chooses the Equipment with criteria the quality and suitability of it, in order to achieve the specific functions. The right choice of the equipment comes from the effective technical support.
  • Installs the Equipment considering the right integration of it at the rest product structure.
  • Learns users the correct use of the equipment.
  • Informs its customers for the services that they can have in order to secure the right operation of the equipment, and provides these services (repairing, maintenance etc).
In order to have a good cooperation with its customers, Ηalos:
  • Advices its customers for their own obligations in order to create the suitable  environment conditions, way of use, and maintenance procedures of the equipment.
  • Guarantees for the provided technical support.
  • Responses to every request from the customer.