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The Company

HALOS company participated which success in the Syskevasia 2014 exhibition.
See our stand pictures here.
We have to thank all of friends, suppliers, customers and colleagues for the support!
We have to thank also all of the visitors for the honor coming to our stand!

We presented the new GHS/CLP regulation for the chemical (and other) products with the new ALE TC-Twin2 Inkjet Printer.

We demonstrate Halos two most cheap printers:
The Desktop Label Printer (all kind of labels, one color) of Avery Dennison Monarch 9416 XL.
The Inkjet Piezoelectric Sauven 600.

We also demonstrate:

The new Print&Apply machine of Avery Dennison ALX734.
The Print&Apply machine of Avery Dennison  ALX924 "one 2 one".
The Inkjet Printer ALE TZ54R.
The Labeller Head of Avery Dennison  ALS104. 
The Desktop Label Printer of Avery Dennison AP5.4 Gen2.
Industrial ternimal and Hand Held Scanner Motorola και Opticon.
The Hand Held Labeller two two print lines of Avery Dennison.
The Plastic Pistol Fasteners of Avery Dennison.


The HALOS Company has the suitable equipment for the Marking of the products as well as for the Automatic Identification of them.

HALOS gets busy in industry with the beneath:
  • Equipment for product marking
  • Equipment for the automatic identification of products
  • Observation systems in production
  • Traceability systems
  • Advice services for the above.
Our equipment can be provided either alone, or as an integrated system where in the last case HALOS is the Systems Integrator.
HALOS provides in market the equipment of the beneath companies:
  1. Labelers AVERY DENNISON
  2. Printers AVERY DENNISON
  3. Print & Apply and Pallet Labelling machines AVERY DENNISON
  4. Complex marking machines in association with LSS Etikettering A/S
  5. ONLINE printers of OPEN DATE
  7. Fixed position Scanners SICK
  8. Handheld Scanners OPTICON and HHP
  9. ΙΝΚJET machines SAUVEN and ALE
  10. Remote industrial terminals ΗΗP
  11. Barcode Verifiers from ΗΗΡ και REA
  12. Checkweighing machines VARPE
  13. Programs for product and traceability observation
  14. Printer consumables (Labels, ribbons, inkInkjet)
  15. Also, in cooperation with all manufacturers, Halos provides marking systems for products with variable weight


Halos Company participated at Syskevasia 2012 excibition, Hall 1 Stand A6. Click here for details

ΗALOS is certificated for  ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 9001: 2008, which is indicative of companys quality.
Click here for the ISO 9001: 2000 certification.

Click here for the ISO 9001: 2008 certification.